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MUUD. Calm CBD inhaler

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MUUD. Calm Inhalator CBD


20% CBD, Green Tea, Jasmine, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3

Nerves on edge?

Feel the soothing aroma of green tea with jasmine and seek silence in nature.

Reach for it with MUUD. Calm 20% CBD.

MUUD. Formula

Contains 1 ml (~ 1 g) including 200 mg of CBD.
Depending on personal predispositions, it is usually enough for about 280 puffs.

99.5% based on organic dried plants from our own, certified cultivation, enriched only with vitamins, natural flavors and functional substances. No THC, glycol, nicotine, GMOs or other chemicals that we are heartily fed up with.

Created on the basis of a wholesome broad-spectrum distillate, the quality of which is verified at every stage of production. We took care of everything - now it’s your move.

MUUD. Device

The ceramic heater hidden inside your MUUD. does not overheat the diluted CBD distillate, preserving its natural goodness, woven into a bouquet of natural plant extracts and aromas.

MUUD. inhalers are disposable and non-refillable devices.

After unpacking, the device is ready for use - it starts automatically during inhalation. However, if the LED on the bottom of the device is flashing during inhalation, charge your inhaler with a micro-USB charger (0.5 A / 500 mA).

Enjoy the taste and inhale with the highest level of CBD digestibility.

The device eliminates the production of harmful vapors present in devices without ceramic heating units and is 90% recyclable.


Inhalation of ingredients is up to five times more effective than oral intake, and - thanks to MUUD. technology - it is completely free from THC, glycol, nicotine, tar and smoking.

Vaporization is inhalation of vapors at temperatures well below the combustion temperature. It creates the most efficient absorption of CBD (up to 35%) in a safe, convenient and discreet way. It is nothing more than inhalable essence of CBD always at hand.


MUUD. products are not medicine or dietary supplements, but contain all the active cannabinoids (except THC), the presence of which determines conscious consumption - if not handled properly, MUUD. brand declines from any responsibility.

It should be borne in mind that the tolerance and body reactions to the active compounds contained in MUUD. products are highly individual. Typically, you can feel the effects of inhalation a quarter of an hour after using the product. We encourage you to read our usage recommendations.

CALM can be dosed as desired. If you have a greater need to calm down, you can take a larger dose. However, we do not recommend exceeding the dose of 20 puffs. This is an approximate amount due to the variety of product uptake by a given person, unequal inhalation.

The effect of the product should appear up to 15 minutes after taking the substance, but it cannot be strictly defined and may differ from person to person. Recommended factors to help the product work fully is to be in a quiet and relaxing place.

With 10 puffs a day, the device is enough for over a month of use.

MUUD. Responsibility

Methods of preparing different devices for the initiation of inhalation differs between specific models - always inquire about the method of operation of any given device directly from the attached technical documentation or from the manufacturer's website. See Muud inhaler instructions for use.

Remember to prevent minors from using MUUD. Always dispose of the used device in accordance with the instructions for disposal of electrowaste.

How to use MUUD.

It's easy as:

  • Unpack your MUUD.

  • Inhale as desired.

  • Recycle after use.

Expiry date: 18 months from the production date indicated on the packaging.

Instructions for disposal

After using the MUUD. inhaler, send the used device to our address or put it in the packaging container at the waste collection point. 90% of the inhaler will be recycled and will return to use as, e.g. the hood of your new electric car.

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  • CBD content analysis certificates
    Certificates of analysis confirming the CBD content and the rich cannabinoid background of the products separately for the ACTIVE, CALM and SLEEP functions.
  • Security analysis reports
    Reports on the laboratory analysis of the SLEEP, ACTIVE and CALM formulations in accordance with the TPD Directive, confirming the safety of MUUD. inhalers and the lack of overheating of the liquid based on CBD broad-spectrum distillate contained in the inhalers.
  • Device test
    Device test report in accordance with the TPD Directive, confirming the safety of MUUD. inhalers and the lack of overheating of the CBD broad-spectrum distillate liquid contained therein.
  • Content marking
    Test report on the determination of the content of CBD, CBDA, Δ9-THC and THCA in CBD oil separately for the ACTIVE, CALM and SLEEP functions, confirming the purity of THC (0.00%) of the substance used in MUUD. inhalers.
  • Ecological certificates
    Certificates confirming the ecological processes of cultivation and processing of hemp inflorescence, from which MUUD. CBD products are made.
  • Excise stamp
    Excise stamp

    MUUD inhalers are currently the only devices of this type on the market marked with the national excise mark of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Poland.

    Remember that you can verify each stamp on-line in the Information System on Excise Bands of the Polish Security Printing Works.

Safety data sheets

Safety data sheets in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/878.

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