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Inhalation of CBD

Almost everyone has heard about cannabidiol (CBD) today. Its unique pro-health potential has made the topic of cannabis a popular topic not only in parliamentary halls, but also in doctor's offices, lecture halls, as well as in the homes of ordinary people. Once reserved only for seriously ill patients, today cannabis is becoming a popular choice not only for people struggling with specific ailments, but also for those who care about prevention and well-being on a daily basis. You don't have to be a medical marijuana user to use cannabis.

The availability of CBD on the market is constantly increasing. Every day there are products with different purposes and methods of use. The wide range of available products differs not only in form (dried, oils, extracts, fortified foods), but also in the cannabinoid profile, i.e. the content of individual ingredients and their mutual proportion. With so much availability and variety of CBD products, one fundamental question arises: how do you choose the best CBD product? First of all, it is necessary to verify the credibility of the manufacturer and the quality of the product. And how to use it to be effective? There is no single best way to harness the potential of cannabis' phytochemicals, as much depends on your specific needs and expectations. There is no doubt, however, that inhalation is the most effective way to use cannabis . The bioavailability of inhaled ingredients ranges from 10 to 35%, while oral administration is only 6 to 10% . Inhaled forms of cannabis use allow for a very quick effect that can be felt only a few minutes after inhalation . When using hemp to reduce pain, quick effect is a priority factor in choosing the route of supply. For this reason, inhalation methods are the most common choice among cannabis users, both recreational and medical. The inhalation method, however, has its drawbacks, including much shorter action and the inability to precisely manage the dose converted into milligrams of the active substance (THC or CBD). A 2007 study showed that plasma THC levels remain variable with inhaled cannabis supply, suggesting inconsistent and heterogeneous delivery of active compounds. - Vaporization is by far the best form of cannabis use, because it allows for the effective absorption of phytocannabinoids and terpenes without the risk of poisoning the body with tar as in the case of smoking. - explains Jacek Cieżkowicz, cage surgeon one of the pioneers of cannabis-based medicine in Poland.

What is it?

Inhalation is the process of heating a substance to the point where it begins to evaporate, which allows the extraction of active ingredients from it. Thanks to heating, it is possible to extract many valuable substances from the dried CBD extract or distillate - phytocannabinoids and terpenes, i.e. natural compounds responsible for the smell of the plant. Breathing the resulting vapor with active substances results in a very quick achievement of therapeutic concentrations in the blood, which means that in a short time we can produce a noticeable effect, primarily analgesic, relaxing and hypnotic. Interestingly, you can vaporize not only hemp, but also many other herbs. Inhalation can be used as an inhaled form of aromatherapy. It is characterized by heating the raw material to a maximum temperature of 230-240 degrees Celsius, which avoids the combustion process and, as a result, the release of toxic substances, such as aldehydes, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides or hydrocarbons. Heating the plant material creates vapors rich in valuable phytonutrients, and is not carcinogenic and irritating smoke. What's more, this method allows you to choose a specific temperature to which we want to heat the raw material, and this allows you to optimize and personalize the effects. For example, a temperature of 157 degrees allows you to extract THC from cannabis, while a temperature of 170-180 degrees will be better when you want to take advantage of the potential of CBD . Lower temperatures will extract volatile terpene compounds.

Inhalation vs. smoking

Inhalation is gaining many supporters all over the world. There are a number of important arguments for the superiority of inhalation over smoking. Here are a few of them.


If only the ingredient used for inhalation is of high quality - you can be sure that you do not deliver harmful substances to the body. The plant material is not combusted, so you avoid tar and carcinogenic compounds.

Convenience and discretion

Thanks to the small size of the devices intended for inhalation - this method allows for comfortable and discreet use of cannabis. The mist released in the heating process is almost invisible, and its smell is not unpleasant for the environment.

Variety of Effects

Depending on the temperature selected on the device, you can easily and quickly extract completely different substances from the herb. Each of them can have a specific effect on the body, making inhalation the most flexible method. Using the same input (e.g. CBD dry), you can achieve different effects, which is impossible with classic smoking.

Tasting qualities

Smoking takes place at a temperature that destroys volatile terpene compounds responsible for the taste and aroma sensations. Inhalation preserves the terpenes and allows you to enjoy the plant's flavor… not an ashtray.


  • You don't have to be a medical marijuana patient or reach for Indian cannabis, which is illegal in Poland, to be able to enjoy the benefits of phytocannabinoids and terpenes
  • The best form of CBD use is inhalation.
  • Inhalation involves heating the raw material below the combustion temperature limit, thanks to which the released vapors contain valuable substances (phytocannabinoids and terpenes), and not carcinogenic substances formed during the combustion process.
  • Inhalation is a convenient, safe, effective and discreet method of using CBD and other dried herbs. It can be used as an inhaled form of aromatherapy.
  • Temperature matters - using different temperatures has an effect on different effects.
  • General rules for inhalation:
    • the lower the temperature, the better the aroma;
    • the higher the temperature, the more acrid the steam;
    • above 230 degrees Celsius, the combustion processes begin - it is worth avoiding the use of such a high temperature as to maintain the health-promoting nature of vaporization;
    • too low inhalation temperature will not cause adequate evaporation of active substances in the ingredients used;
    • an effective inhalation is one that is performed at the lowest effective temperature (less is more!);
    • the drier the plant material, the lower the temperature used for inhalation can be;
    • the taste and aroma of fresh or poorly dried herbs are not as intense as those of well-dried ones.


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